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Graduate Admissions
Graduate Admissions
Graduate Admissions
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Before You Apply

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Domestic applicants: A US Social Security number is required if you want to be considered for governmental aid from the Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA). Otherwise, submission of a U.S. Social Security number is optional.

If you opt not to include your social security number on your admissions application and still wish to receive US Federal and State financial aid, please contact our office so we can determine a safe way for you to transmit that information. Never send us your social security number, or name and date of birth via email.



Visit to activate your Ohio State Username; i.e., lastname.#



Some graduate programs use a centralized application service. Check,, to know if your program uses one of these services. Once in your account, you can update information as needed, and select additional graduate program(s).

Applying to multiple programs (3 maximum) requires the following:

I. For Graduate Program offices: Each program requires a separate on-line application and fee, plus general and department specific admission documents such as:

A. A revised Statement of Intent, CV, and other materials attached to the online application.

B. You must submit new requests to your references via the online application because previously submitted references cannot be viewed by your new program.

C. Check individual program websites for any additional department specific requirements:

II. For the Graduate and Professional Admissions Office: a separate on-line application and fee is required for each program, but only one set of transcripts is needed.



To calculate your cumulative GPA from a 4.0
grading scale, multiply the Number value for
letter grades x Hours (see below) = Quality
Points. When you get a total of all quality points
and hours, divide the total quality points by the
total hours. Note: If you have both quarter hours
and semester hours, you will need to first convert
all hours to either semester or quarter hours. To
convert semester hours to quarter hours, multiply
total semester hours by 1.5 to get the equivalent
quarter hours. Or to change quarter hours to
semester, divide quarter hours by 1.5 to find the
equivalent semester hours; e.g., 45 quarter hours
= 30 semester hours
Example Calculation:
Number values for letter grades on a 4.0 scale
A=4.0 B+=3.3 B-=2.7 C=2.0 D+=1.3
A-=3.7 B=3.0 C+=2.3 C-=1.7 D=1.0

Calculation example:
(A) 4.0 x 3 hrs. = 12.0 quality points
(A-) 3.7 x 2 hrs. = 7.4 quality points
(B+) 3.3 x 4 hrs. = 13.2 quality points
Total 9 hrs. = 32.6 quality points

32.6 quality points divide 9 hrs. = 3.62 GPA



1. To enroll in graduate level courses, you will need to apply to the graduate non-degree program. The graduate non-degree application is online at:

2. To apply for the graduate non-degree program, applicants must have completed the equivalent of at least a 4 year U.S. Bachelor’s Degree. You must attach copies of your Bachelor's degree granting official transcript or diploma to the online application.

3. If you are an international applicant and will need an F-1 or J-1 visa to study in the United States, your ability to be admitted graduate non-degree at Ohio State is restricted. Eligibility is extended to those who are enrolled in a graduate program in another U.S. university who wish to study for one
term as a transient student and transfer the credit back to their home institution, and to those enrolled in established exchange programs or special university-sponsored workshops. Please note: Prospective international students should contact the Office of Graduate & Professional Admissions to confirm eligibility. If you will need a student visa, your application and all supporting documents will be reviewed by the Dean of the Graduate
School. The Graduate School must approve the application before the University will offer graduate non-degree admission.

4. If you are an international student, recent immigrant, refugee, or asylee, and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree outside of the United States, you are required to demonstrate English Proficiency unless you qualify for a waiver. Please contact the Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions regarding this requirement. If required, applicants may take an institutional MELAB test to prove English Proficiency through our American Language Program (ALP). Please contact the Office of Graduate & Professional Admissions to arrange a time to take the MELAB test. 614-292-9444, Applicants must have a referral from Admissions in order to take the test.

5. International graduate non-degree applications are subject to a graduate school review. If applicable, note in your application that you are doing research work for The Ohio State University. Proof of the equivalent to at least a 4 year U.S. Bachelor's degree, and English proficiency requirement must still be provided.



An applicant should apply online at You will receive an email immediately acknowledging the receipt of your application. If you are a new applicant with no prior or current affiliation with The Ohio State University, you receive a second email 24-48 hours later from the Office of the Chief Information Officer that assigns an Ohio State ID Number, and username(lastname.#). Applicants with prior affiliation to Ohio State do not receive this email because they already have an ID and username. When the ID and username are not active, they can be activated at: A third email is sent that instructs applicants to check the status of their application online at

Most applicants scan and send their transcripts to the Office of Graduate & Professional Admissions via the online application. Their graduate program can also access these uploaded transcripts. To submit transcripts, please use the “Upload Transcript” button to send copies (front and back) of official transcripts from ALL institutions attended where college credit was earned – even if you attended while in high school. International Credentials should include certified educational records and degree certificates or diplomas in the original language with English translations.

Send only scanned images of paper official transcripts issued by your institution’s Registrar or order electronic transcripts. Make sure to mark out all U.S. social security numbers before scanning. Ohio State will not accept web reports, advising reports, self-reported scores, or transfer credit on another school’s transcript.

If you are admitted to the university as a graduate student, you will be required to submit final official transcripts. Do not send the Graduate and Professional Admissions Office paper official transcripts unless specifically requested by our office.

Reference letters, and statement of purpose, along with any other required materials such as a portfolio, or departmental applications, are sent to the program office. Reference letters, CVs, Statements of purpose can also be sent to the program via the online application. Please refer to for more graduate program information regarding where to send application materials. Applicants should check their status periodically to confirm materials have been received.

Once the Office of Graduate & Professional Admissions and graduate program have received all required materials, the Graduate Studies Committee of your program will review your application and make an admissions decision.

The Graduate & Professional Admissions Office will prepare and send either a Notice of Admission or non-selection letter.

If admitted, international students receive an email informing them of their academic admission, and requesting proof of financial support required for a student visa. The Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions reviews all Graduate Assistantships, Fellowships, and financial statements, before issuing international students a Notice of Admission and visa document.

The entire application process may take several months. Applicants are urged to apply in fall for admission the following Fall Semester. Most Admission decisions are made between January and April.

Search Frequently Asked Questions
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Updated: 06/26/2014
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